Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why: Understanding Human Performance When Death Is On The Line

Human performance under stress isn’t a new topic.  What makes this presentation different is the recency of the research and the presenter’s background.  Some of the works in this area are over 25 years old and don’t reflect the most recent discoveries in the field.  This presentation uses the latest findings from a wide variety of fields to offer the best understanding of the topic currently available.  In addition to new research, considerable time is spent debunking erroneous myths that have been circulated for years.

John Hearne brings the unique perspective of someone who has been a sworn peace officer since 1992, a successful competitive shooter, and a firearms/tactics instructor since 2001.  His background helps him translate the current research into clear, easily understood material with practical ways to implement it and improve performance.

Topics covered in the presentation include:

  • Origins of the Human Animal and Implications
  • How the Human Brain Functions
  • Emotional Control in High Stress Environments
  • Common Misconceptions Addressed
    • Heart Rate as Destiny
    • Task Complexity Relevancy
    • Myth: Natural Responses Are Better
    • Startle Reflex Realities
    • The Innate Hesitation to Kill?
    • Front Sight Focus – Is It Possible
    • Debunking Hick’s Law
    • The Truth About Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Why Recency Matters
  • Search for the Perfect Combative Substitute
  • Other Relevant Research
    • Not Getting Shot by First Responders
    • Trigger Realities and Negligent Discharges
    • Value of Physical Fitness
    • Understanding Eye Dominance
  • Relevant Standards
  • Best Ways to Practice & Train

Attendees will receive a detailed copy of the notes for future reference.

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Aug 01 2021


9:00 am - 5:00 pm



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White Hall, AR
Last Resort Firearms Training, White Hall, AR


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